We aim to make a brighter and happier future.

We are proud and honored to be a part of the solution helping others to stay healthy and safe.

JKICT specializes in the sourcing and distribution of innovative medical supplies, devices, and leading medical technology for military, governmental, hospital, and commerical markets. To bring you the best and most innovative technology, JKICT provides advanced high technology medical equipment through its partnership with the Korean Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative Association (KMDiCA), with over 500 members of medical equipment manufacturers.

License and Registration

DUNS: 079113688
SAM Registered
State of Virginia SWaM Certification #: 709302
State of Maryland: SBE certification
State of Hawaii: Contract Award
NAICS: 423490, 423440, 423450
NGIP: 46500, 47500

We choose our products with care.

Leveraging our years of experience and relationships in the Korean medical manufacturer marketplace, JKICT hand-selects medical manufacturers that produce high quality medical products and devices to meet the needs of our distributors and customers.

JKICT brings qualified and proven products to help customers address the COVID-19 challenges.

Past Perfomance

  • Medical products only from medical manufacturers with global perforance and significant positive outcomes focused on helping communities thrive.
  • JKICT - Maryland Government / Colorado Lab


  • Price Competitive
  • Value-based Products
  • Integrity
  • Timely Deliveries